Home Cleaning Services

Domestic Cleaning

You decide the frequency, duration and time of any service. You can choose from as little as one time a month to weekly for even fortnightly to help you with your home.
Our services include all household chores such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning, tidying, making beds, cleaning the kitchen, laundry and ironing. We can change the bed linen, clean the fridge, the oven, and keep the pantry tidy – whatever it takes to help you get some time back.
You can also arrange a once only cleaning service for spring cleans or times such as end of lease cleans when you are moving.

You'll love coming home to find your house clean, neat and tidy... even your washing and ironing done!

[ Mr.Mrs. Li's Home ]

Josh Cleaning is all about the attitude of excellence.  I am enjoyed coming home every night to a sparkling clean house where surprises are in places I would least expect, I don't have to worry about the status of my home after a long and exhausted day .  They are a blessing for our home and our well being to enjoy the weekend.  Mr. & Mrs. Chen

[ Ms. Collins's Home ]

We find that the employees of Josh Cleaning are very trustworthy and perform their cleaning operation both expediently and strictly in light of our requirements.  They have also performed phenomenal services above and beyond just normal standards. Julia Collins

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